Through the back door, Antwerp get away with Drita and go to the next round

Through the back door, Antwerp get away with Drita and go to the next round

The Antwerpers, as in the first leg, struggled to be dangerous. Thanks to two goals from Laurit Krasniqi and Michelangelo Balikwisha, the Great Old qualified for the next round.

After conceding the split in the first leg, Antwerp had to do the work at Drita to see the next round. Determined to achieve a historic feat for the club, the Kosovars put the pressure on directly. From the first minute, Alderweireld is forced to concede a corner to boos from the home crowd. The Antwerpers react a few moments later, but the shot from Janssen is pushed back by the local defence.

The first shot on target of the game comes from the feet of Manuel Benson, after ten minutes of play. The sending of the player of 25 years takes the direction of the goal, but is stopped by Maloku. Five minutes later, Simonovsky also puts stumble contributing for the first time in the game. Safe.

At half an hour, Jashari took advantage of a gap in the Antwerp defense. Launched in depth, the Kosovar striker finds himself face to face with the Antwerp goalkeeper, but his attempt is repelled by John Butez. The end of the first period will be richer in technical waste than in real phases of play, and this, on both sides. The Great Old are unable to create chances against a well-established Drita side, who rely on direct play to try to undermine the No. 1 defensive line.

Antwerp start their second half with possession of the ball, and will find it much easier to find the opening. A few minutes after returning from the locker room, Manuel Benson wraps a center from the right perfectly. Coming from the second line, Laurit Krasniqi, a young product from the academy who was celebrating his second career start with the Great Old, after that of last week against the same Drita team, took the ball with a header at the far post and opened the scoring. The one who had only played a minute against Union Saint-Gilloise during the final meeting of last season is therefore celebrating his very first professional goal. A major goal.

At game time, Manuel Benson, the most prominent Antwerp player in this encounter, misses the break point. Very well served from the left, the former Belgian international hopeful finds himself in a finishing position, slightly shifted to the right. After having played his defender thanks to a superb feint, his sending, too centered, is repelled by the local goalkeeper.

The end of the Antwerp match is not very reassuring. On a few occasions, the offensive players of Drita find themselves in possibility of worrying stumble. Fortunately, a lack of materialization prevents the Kosovar team from restoring equality, despite a completely missed exit from the Antwerp goalkeeper. The Antwerpers have been falling back more and more since the 0-2 ball missed by Bensonand no longer manage to create new opportunities.

As we play the very last seconds of the game, Antwerp convert quickly after a local corner. After a scramble near the opposing surface, Miyoshi manages, with a tackle, to slip the ball to balikwisha which, with a very subtle lob, officially secures the Antwerp qualification.

It is an unconvincing team from Antwerp that finally qualifies for the semi-finals of the preliminary rounds of this Conference League. The Great Old will face Norway’s Lilleström, who defeated Finland’s SJK Seinäjoki in the previous round.

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