Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Benefit Skin, Hair, Hemorrhoids, and Effects on Weight?

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Benefit Skin, Hair, Hemorrhoids, and Effects on Weight?

The properties of cider vinegar have not finished surprising you! However, if the latter does indeed prove to be a health and beauty ingredient for certain problems, its use and consumption must absolutely be supervised. Especially since he does not have all the powers that we want to allocate to him. The dot for get the most benefits from apple cider vinegarwithout risk.

When cider vinegar and hair go hand in hand

And if having beautiful hair went (in addition to genetics and good maintenance) by a cider vinegar treatment? This is, at least, what many publications dedicated to this subject on social networks and the Internet claim. We also lend him the ability to eliminate feelings of irritation linked to hard water. A point confirmed by Dermato Drey (@dermato_drey on instagram), dermatologist and author of the book Make peace with your skin(Larousse editions): “Hard water has an alkaline pH (= acidity of a solution), above 7. Gold, lapple cider vinegar has the opposite pH because it is acidic. In fact, it can, indeed, compensate for the alkaline effect of the hard water + shampoo combo, which tends to open the scales of the hair when there are sulphates (like during hair coloring with ammonia) . So we can use vinegar in rinsing water on the hair, provided it is well diluted, at the rate of one tablespoon in 500 ml of water. A good way to obtain a near-neutral pH in the scalp and hair, which will make the hair shinier. In addition, if you have a sensitive and/or damaged scalp, it will also act on irritations.

Apple cider vinegar and weight loss, a real link?

You too have seen “news” passing by according to which the apple cider vinegar would allow you to lose 10 kilos ? This is a gross transformation of reality. Admittedly, apple cider vinegar can naturally help to shed some weight, but it is (fortunately!) not as drastic. “A clogged liver causes a slowing of the metabolism, and therefore a lower energy consumption, apple cider vinegar indirectly simplifies the work of the liver » explains Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist (@lamethodegruman on Instagram).

As for its supposed reduction in the glycemic impact of a large meal, the specialist confirms it: “Indeed, according to studies, acetic acid – which is one of the acids in cider vinegar – contributes to a slowing down of the digestion of carbohydrates, which avoids insulin peaks.” However, for apple cider vinegar to really stabilize glucose, it must be consumed at the right time. The nutritionist recommends 3 teaspoons diluted in water every morningand not before each meal, in order to avoid acidifying the stomach throughout the day.

“In general, I always recommend starting meals with a little raw vegetables, with a good virgin oil, because it is ideal for activating our digestive enzymes. And if you add a little vinegar, you accumulate the effect on blood sugar,” continues Marion Alves de Oliveira, doctor of pharmacy and naturopath.

Other notable cards for Apple Cider Vinegar:

– his ability to promote the breakdown of fats and alcohols. Effects visible only when they register in a set of measures aiming at a global food rebalancing.

– its effect against bad breath, “by acidifying the mouth, cider vinegar degrades certain bacteria responsible for it” confirms Raphaël Gruman.

Want to involve apple cider vinegar in your daily routine? The nutritionist recommends it organic, the absence of pesticides favoring a real detox effect.

Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids, a received idea?

Among the most popular grandmother’s recipes is the use of cider vinegar compresses to treat hemorrhoids. A very bad idea according to Dermato Drey: “The mucous membrane at the level of the anus is very fragile. However, when there are hemorrhoids, it is inflamed, so it is important not to riskmake it worse with apple cider vinegar.”

If you want to opt for natural solutions, you can, when it comes to external hemorrhoids (those that result in acute pain with a pseudo bump next to the anus, which can bleed):

– apply a healing cream before having a bowel movement, so that the excrement does not further irritate the wound.

– avoid constipation by enriching your diet with fiber, drinking regularly and practicing physical activity.

– use a toilet bench (= footrest), in order to ensure a good position when pushing, without impacting the vessels which, over time, can dilate.

For internal hemorrhoids, you may be prescribed a cream or, in more advanced cases, surgery. Apple cider vinegar will have no effect.

Another grandmother’s recipe involving our said ingredient (which this time works!): locally against nettle stings. A trick tested and approved by our doctor in pharmacy and naturopath.

The effect of apple cider vinegar on the skin

Best friend of acne-prone and blemished skin, cider vinegar? Contrary to popular belief, again, it is not a purifying ingredient per se. Dermato Drey explains to us “The bacteria present on the skin do not like the acidity that it delivers, but from there to granting it a purifying power in the beneficial sense of the term, I do not think that is the case. In addition, it can have a deleterious effect, and cause irritation, because the pH of pure apple cider vinegar is between 2 and 3 on skin whose physiological pH is around 5.5 to 6. On contact with it, the microbiota is really modified, which can cause tingling and burning sensations on application, then redness and irritation. Areas may even appear burnt (red and dry). »

Combination to oily skins are not the only ones to have to do without this ingredient. ” Whatever your skin type, it should not be applied pure. »

And in anti-acne treatment if we cut it with water? “If it is diluted, it changes the situation, but it all depends on the quantities. At a rate of 50/50, it would remain an acidic product, so no. Admittedly, fruit acids are rather beneficial, because they deliver a light peeling, which is of interest in the case of acne-prone skin, and as part of anti-aging treatments. But, in apple cider vinegar there is mostly acetic acid, more irritating than anything else! There are few fruit acids and polyphenols (= antioxidants)” says our specialist. The latter recommends favoring skincare products containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid for oily skin, and those with azelaic or lactic acid, when you have sensitive skin. A consultation in a dermatology office is recommended to choose the most suitable type of product.

On the face, Dermato Drey recommends skipping any application of cider vinegar on the skin and encourages the use of cleansing products containing mild surfactants (such as those formulated for atopic skin), before rinsing with thermal water.

Finally, she refutes the so-called cider vinegar after-sun action. “On a heated area, its application could worsen the feelings. Following a sunburn, the skin is already under severe strain and therefore suffers. His cells produce acid (acidosis), so adding it, via vinegar, is really not a good idea. It is no coincidence that a product like Biafine has triethanolamine as its main active ingredient, which is an alkaline ingredient, which is the exact opposite of vinegar! »

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