PDG depuis 2010, Xavier Huillard quittera la direction générale de Vinci au plus tard en avril 2025.

Real estate: the CEO of Vinci challenges the government on the housing crisis

The French construction, infrastructure and transport, airport and motorway concessions giant continues to ride the post-Covid recovery. With a turnover of 28.52 billion euros in the first half of 2022 (+26% compared to 2021), Vinci can hope to exceed the 2021 turnover of 49.396 billion euros.

As usual, the activity of the group listed on the CAC 40 is driven by its subsidiary Vinci Construction which outperforms with 13.5 billion euros in turnover (+ 11% at actual structure, 8% at comparable structure) , followed by Vinci Energies (8 billion euros, +8% at actual structure, +6% at comparable structure).

“Energy efficiency, the energy transition and the development of the place of electricity in the energy mix, make Vinci Energies an extraordinary machine which has a major role to play in the fight against global warming”, underlined, during an audio conference, this July 29, the CEO of Vinci.

Energy sobriety: “we are already doing it to a large extent”

On energy sobriety, the stated priority of the executive, Xavier Huillard assures The gallery : “We already do that extensively. In all of our businesses, we are in a phase aimed at reducing energy consumption and modifying the energy sources of our equipment to be more virtuous”.

Train construction machinery drivers in eco-driving, turn off the engine, experiment with energies, transform all vehicle fleets into electric, change work habits, train in actions for better environmental performance. This is the list of actions put forward by the boss of the listed group.

“Our construction activities certainly consume electrical energy, but are not electro-intensive. This has nothing to do with manufacturers for whom this takes precedence in their production process”, added the CEO of Vinci.
“To my knowledge, we are not solicited [pour participer aux groupes de travail, Ndlr] but that does not prevent us from having programs to move towards more sobriety”, he continued.

“Essential that housing attracts the attention of the government quickly”

In reality, more than on energy sobriety, Xavier Huillard prefers to challenge the executive on the housing crisis. “Housing needs to get the government’s attention quickly,” he said during the presentation of the results, down 2% for the real estate subsidiary of Vinci.

“Demand remains strong, but we are not producing enough, between the price of land, the reluctance of certain elected officials, the delays in obtaining building permits, the purging of appeals, the increase in interest and the increase in costs. Works. The fact is that housing production is more difficult at a time when the need remains extraordinarily strong,” he insisted.

It is clear that the figures published on July 29 by the statistical data and studies service of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion prove him right. In the second quarter of 2022, the number of building permits issued fell by almost 10% (9.5%) compared to the first quarter.

“Urgent to decarbonize road transport”

Still, in parallel, the Concessions branch (4.2 billion euros, +43%) brings satisfaction to the boss of the listed group. Just highways “vital network of the entire economy”, earned Vinci 2.8 billion euros (+18%) in the first half of 2022.

“There is an urgent need to decarbonize road transport through vehicles and through low-carbon highway initiatives”, said Xavier Huillard again.

The motorway shoulders will make it possible to produce green energy, just as 100% of motorway areas will be equipped with electric charging points by 2023, underlined the CEO. In fact, he cannot say otherwise. All dealers must comply with this legal obligation by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, Vinci will participate in the call for projects launched by Bpifrance, which consists of experimenting with vehicle charging by the roadway itself. Again, this would be an additional illustration of Vinci Autoroutes’ decarbonization strategy presented in November 2021.

At 3:15 p.m., the share listed on the Paris Stock Exchange was already showing an increase of + 3.04%.