AMITH: the new team takes its bearings

AMITH: the new team takes its bearings

The Moroccan Association of Textile and Clothing Industries (AMITH) held its General Assembly on July 27, 2022 at the ESITH in Casablanca. The GA was an opportunity for the President of AMITH to present the main lines of the roadmap for the 2022–2025 mandate and organizational innovations.

New auditor, creation of a council of elders, increased representation of the regions… There is an air of renewal within the Moroccan Association of Textile and Clothing Industries (AMITH). Elected on May 26, 2022, the new leadership pair wants to leave its mark on the textile and clothing sector during their term of office. Before deploying its roadmap, it applies to carry out a certain number of grooming and reorganizations. Starting with changing the association’s auditor for the period 2022-2025.

“The report drawn up by the current auditor for the elective general meeting last May was very summary. It does not meet our expectations. Therefore, we preferred to set up an auditor specializing in associations. It will allow us to restructure what we can, and at the same time be in the real transparency of the figures. Since the last elections, we have launched a general audit on AMITH. This audit is complete. We have conclusions that we are going to put in place”, explains Anass El Ansari, president of AMITH.

According to the leader, the new auditor has a lot to contribute, in particular “on the organizational part and the certification of the accounts. And icing on the cake, it costs three times less than the current auditor. Thus, Cabinet Directs Conseils Maroc, an accounting, auditing and consulting firm formed by the association of Mehdi Bennani and Abdelouhab Laraki, has just won the market for the certification of AMITH accounts.

Mobilization and member involvement, the key words!
During the Ordinary General Assembly organized on July 27, at ESITH in Casablanca, the key words were “mobilization” and “member involvement”, in a context where the association is struggling to collect information to say ” who does what. If only to be able to honor the public order, to develop a circular economy between its members, or even to go to the authorities and institutions in order to promote the made in Morocco”, deplores Omar Sajid, vice- President of AMITH.

He nevertheless specifies that AMITH’s priorities for the 2022-2025 mandate relate to the consolidation of achievements, while seizing the opportunities offered internationally and on the local market. “It will therefore be necessary to meet the expectations of Moroccan and international consumers, and the requirements of public procurement. AMITH fully aligns with the government’s position with regard to national preference in public procurement,” he said. The other novelty lies in the composition of the board of directors. Consisting of the pair in addition to 38 other members, the team responsible for setting up the program was validated by a show of hands.

“Moroccan textiles are going through a historic moment, because we have an ambitious project for our sector. The program presented during this GA is a consecration of the hard work of a group of experts from the Moroccan textile-clothing sector. The country’s major manufacturers adhere to this program, the objective of which is to create the textiles of tomorrow, taking into account sustainability and job creation” and have proposed committed members to represent them on the board of directors, argues Anass El Ansari.

The 7 main axes of the 2022-2025 roadmap
It is in this context that the new duo, elected at the head of the association of Moroccan textile workers, presented the roadmap for the 2022-2025 mandate broken down into seven main axes. For the management team, the governance project will consist in transforming the role of the association, supporting companies for access to markets, strengthening the competitiveness of the sector upstream and promoting Made in Morocco for the reconquest of the local market. Added to this are modernization and industry 4.0, green industry and the integration of the Great South.

For Axis 1 relating to the transformation of the role of AMITH, the objective unveiled by Anass El Ansari is the consolidation of institutional relations, the strengthening of the position and reputation of AMITH, the adoption of the division territorial regional and the definition of the roles and perimeters of the regional delegations. The objective is to strengthen proximity and improve the services provided to members.

With a view to supporting companies to access markets (Axis 2), AMITH will endeavor to ensure continuous monitoring to inform its members of free trade agreements, rules of origin and conditions of access to international markets. The redefinition of the sector’s exportable offer, the organization of trade fairs by region, the simplification and improvement of export missions and their support are all components of Axis 2.

The latter pays particular attention to audits and certifications to facilitate companies’ access to new markets. Last but not least, the AMITH campaigns for participation in the validation of specifications for public contracts to facilitate access to public procurement for its members. Axis 3 inherent in strengthening the competitiveness of the sector upstream is structured around four pillars: the creation of favorable conditions for investment, the improvement of incentives for investment upstream, the resumption of textile training upstream as well as the training of technical experts.

In order to facilitate the reconquest of the local market by Made in Morocco (Axis 4), AMITH intends to activate four levers. This is communication and awareness of the Moroccan offer at the local level through, in particular, the holding of regional fairs, the creation of a promotional space for the Moroccan brand on the AMITH platform, the necessary support to help companies reach the optimal size and finally the encouragement of upstream/downstream integration. Facilitating the digitalization of companies (optimization of processes, training, awareness, creation of the Smart Factory) as well as the support and awareness of industrial units to new technological advances constitute the framework of axis 5 relating to modernization & industry 4.0. Axis 6, which focuses on green industry, highlights the need to support members towards cleaner production, raise awareness of the environmental impact of manufactured products, while encouraging the circular economy within the textile ecosystem. Finally, Axis 7, which concerns the integration of the Great South, consists in positioning this part of Morocco as a sub-Saharan hub. To do this, AMITH insists on the need to transfer the recognized know-how of the textile industry to Moroccans in the Deep South.

Representativeness of the regions: Casablanca still concentrates nearly a third of the members of the board of directors

As announced during the last elections, the pair has undertaken to increase the representativeness of the regions, in order to stimulate their development. However, you will certainly have noticed the low representation of textilians from Rabat on the new board of directors of AMITH (8% of members, see table). On the subject, Anass El Ansari noted the dissatisfaction of professionals in the political capital, stressing that he had planned “if all goes well, to go more towards Rabat.

So inevitably, there will be more representativeness. Apart from Rabat, the board of directors is composed, up to 49%, of professionals from Casablanca, 28% from Tangier, 15% from Fez. Another novelty: the new team intends to set up a Council of Elders, at the request of several members. Within it, the former presidents will sit, to maintain continuity, benefit from their networks, know-how and involvement. According to the president, this council, composed of Mohamed Lahlou (president from 1984 to 2002), Salah Eddine Mezouar (2002-2005), Karim Tazi (2005-2008), Mohamed Tamer (2008-2009), Karim Tazi (2016-2019 ), Mohammed Boubouh (2019-2022), may be implemented subject to their acceptance.

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