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The Aprilia adventure in MotoGP has taken a conquering turn over the past two seasons and especially since the current one. Born in 2015, redesigned from the engine point of view and in the hands of Aleix Espargaró since 2017, the RS-GP is now in the running to bring its Spanish driver to the world title. This will be the challenge of the nine events which will follow one another from the beginning of August at Silverstone, but the sporting director Massimo Rivola will also have another objective in mind: to seduce a sponsor to support a war effort that the Piaggio group, whose coat of arms de Noale is a part, supports at arm’s length. He has a contact, and the revelation of his name is surprising…

We will never forget that Massimo Rivola was trained in Formula 1 and, when it escapes us, it is he who reminds us of this by citing the major discipline of motorsport as a reference for the management of the main category of motorsport. It happened to the Italian to do so on the subject of technical evolution, but not only. Because this last area leads to the budgets to be deployed to find performance.

However, the situation does not lend itself to delusions of grandeur and that is also why Ducatilegally, annoys. Massimo Rivola mentions it when he says: we need to talk about banning all these awesome tools and devices that just add cost. You also have to talk about new aero restrictions. Aprilia is very strong in this area. But for the benefit of the championship and our core business, namely mass production, we need to keep costs low. As we look to our future, we should think seriously about cost control “.

A mastery that Formula 1 has precisely decided to make it an objective, with the determination of a budgetary ceiling: “ at the moment no one can complain about the quality of the show » says Rivola, no offense to some. ” Therefore, we must strive to keep the level of performance of everyone involved at a similar level. If one builder can invest much more than another, and I’m not just talking about Ducatimaybe another team can invest a lot more, so it gets a bit unfair “.

Aprilia must now find a top sponsor

An injustice that would first affect Aprilia… The Piaggio group, of which he is a member, is said to pay up to 20 to 30 million per year for the RS-GP programme. It must be said that, unlike Repsol for HondaMonster for Yamaha or Red Bull for KTM, Aprilia has no reported title investor on its fairings. However, the other manufacturer to count only on itself to continue the adventure in Grand Prix is Suzuki with its Ecstar brand. And we know what will happen to the GSX-RRs at the end of this season…

A random situation that Massimo Rivola do not hide : ” we don’t have a main sponsor. We now need to find a top sponsor he said on Speedweek. ” I can report that the best sponsors are waking up and turning to us. It’s a good sign. I really hope we find one. If we want to remain competitive, we need the appropriate budgets “.

And contacts are in progress. The former Ferrari driver in Formula 1 talks about it just as openly, not without surprising about the identity of the opportunity: “ we are in talks. It would also be interesting to ask whether the Red Bull group supports a second top team, like in Formula 1. Aprilia could become MotoGP’s Alpha Tauri team for Mr Mateschitz “. What do you think about KTM ?

There is still room for a main sponsor on the Aprilia

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