Le top 5 des vélos électriques à acheter en 2022. (Source : Shutterstock)

Top 5 Electric Bikes to Choose in 2022

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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Vary your means of transport by choosing the electric bike. There are many different models to meet all needs.

Energy saving, savings, ecology: what are the reasons to buy an electric bike in 2022?

If we see a lot of electric bikes on the streets, it is not without reason. This vehicle is very advantageous and this explains why it appeals to a large number of users. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of owning an electric bike:

  • Ecological : an electric bike does not use fuel to operate. In order to understand global warming, it is necessary to understand its link with the natural phenomenon of…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/b /9/f/b9f0872ae1_50084221_ges2011-poilaumenton-flickr-01.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/climatologie-gaz-effect-serre-5381/” data-more=” Read more”>greenhouse gas when you use your two-wheeler;
  • Allows you to save money : if an electric bike may seem expensive to buy compared to a classic bike, it is however more powerful and remains much cheaper than a scooter. In addition, electric charging is less expensive than filling up with gasoline;
  • Versatility : mountain bike; VTC, cargo bike… there are many different types of electric bikes on the market. So you have a wide choice depending on your needs and preferences. You can also choose whether or not to use the electric assistance if you want to work more;
  • Reduces fatigue : especially in the ribs. Your electric bike will help you to climb obstacles in order to keep a maximum ofenergy and limit your efforts;
  • Avoid traffic jams : like a scooter, an electric bike can sneak. You will no longer risk being late for your work;
  • Reduce noise pollution : an electric bike is very quiet. It will not disturb local residents if you drive around town.

Our top 5 of the best models available in 2022

Finding the electric bike made for you is not necessarily easy given the very large choice available. Discover our selection to inspire you:

  • the iWeech 24” S : With a range of up to 80 km, the iWeech electric bike is suitable for tall people up to 1.90 meters. It has a sporty, clean cut and is very easy to use. This bike is 100% connected and turns on automatically as soon as you start pedaling. The level of power provided by the pedal assistance adapts intelligently to each situation. An anti-theft system and GPS tracking are available;
Discover the iWeech 24” S
  • the Urban Mad 2 : Displaying beautiful retro lines, the Mad l’Urbain 2 electric bike can reach a Speed ​​having a direction and an intensity is represented by a vector, the speed vector. Relative velocity is the velocity of one body relative to another or relative to a frame.” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/3/1/ 9/319daf63f4_77541_leibniz-dp.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/physics-velocity-324/” data-more=”Read definition”>speed 25 km/h. Its range is 70 km and it fully recharges in just 2.5 hours. The 27.5 inch slick tires adapt to all types of terrain. You have the choice between 5 levels of assistance, controllable on theLCD screen multifunctional and backlit. The leather saddle shape memory is very comfortable;
Discover Mad Urban 2
  • the Shiftbikes : Ideal for everyday use, the Shiftbikes electric bike can ride for 70 km on a single charge. Its wide tires guarantee stability and comfort. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are efficient and provide smooth, progressive braking. A lock is integrated in the rear wheel. On the handlebar you will find a control LCD screen to manage the White light
    Visible light wavelengths range from about 380 nm (violet) to 780 nm (red). The visible spectrum is…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/b/6/9/b697a0c09f_85912_lumiere.jpg” data-url=”https:// news.google.com/science/definitions/physics-light-326/” data-more=”Read more”>lightadjust the assistance mode among the 5 available, but also check the battery level;
  • the Voltaire : Compact and capable of riding for 80 km on a single charge, the Voltaire electric bike is very practical for everyday life. Its framework is in General
    Symbol: AlAtomic number: 13Electrons per energy level: 2, 8, 3Atomic mass: 26.98 uHighest isotopes…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/ midioriginal/2/f/c/2fc0ec5ad5_50037559_268722347-0327d1d78b-o-02.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/chemistry-aluminum-14515/” data-more=”Read more”>aluminum, while its belt is quiet and clean. An anti-theft and geolocation system are available. It adapts to all users and is convenient to use;
  • the Urbanglide M7 250W : This electric bike offers 5 levels of assistance depending on your needs and the situation. It is equipped with a very practical multifunction LCD screen to know your speed, the distance travelled, the remaining battery level or the chosen assistance. Its autonomy is 70 km and it has a crutch to allow it to stand upright. Its matte finish brings a sporty touch to its design. Its saddle is ergonomic to offer you maximum comfort.
Discover the Urbanglide M7

Autonomy, power, type: how to choose the right electric bike?

An electric bike has many advantages, but to make the most of it, it is important to choose it well. Let’s see what are the elements to take into account in its selection. First of all, the bike must be suitable for your use. City bike, racing bike, or even touring bike, several types will be offered. Choose the model that meets your needs. Another essential element: autonomy. It depends on the battery of your electric bike. Choose the latest generation references which are much more efficient. You will therefore need to load your bike less often. If you want to enjoy good assistance, especially on hills, you will need a bike with a powerful motor. It can go up to 250 watts on e-bikes in France, try to get as close to it as possible. Also look where the battery is placed. It can be on the luggage rack or on the bike frame, under the saddle. In the second case, the electric bike will be more stable. Take an interest in the weight of the bike, especially if you have to wear it regularly. Finally, remember to compare prices, they can vary a lot from one model to another. Do not hesitate to define a budget beforehand to know which electric bike to consider.

Adopt the electric bike to take advantage of its many advantages. Your journeys will be facilitated without emitting pollution.

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