Track limits: Verstappen feels like an 'amateur' for FIA

Track limits: Verstappen feels like an ‘amateur’ for FIA

The debate over track limits continues to divide drivers and the FIA, while the subject has once again caused controversy in Hungary. Sergio Pérez’s time was deleted before being reinstated, leaving an impression of amateurism on the side of the race management.

Max Verstappen is annoyed by the lack of clarity behind the decisions on this subject. The Red Bull driver has the impression that the FIA ​​does not consider the 20 main actors of this sport as professionals, and he regrets not being listened to enough.

“The drivers last year said we needed to be clearer and stricter about what we were going to chase on the track limits” said Verstappen. “But for example last night at the drivers’ briefing, they started talking about exiting turn 13, and that the line was the edge of the track. But there’s a curb and a white line next to it. , which for me is the edge of the track.”

“We have so many stupid little things that also make it harder for the governors. I don’t know, as pilots we always want to help and give our opinion but nothing is heard. For me, that’s extremely frustrating.”

“I don’t want to fight with them, I just want to advise them but they don’t really care and in my opinion they kinda look at us like we’re amateurs and I don’t think that’s right. .”

“Why do we need track limits?”

Verstappen thinks F1 should think about establishing clearer, and possibly more natural, track boundaries so that these kinds of questions don’t arise: “Most of the time when you look at dash cams, the camera is on the wrong side.”

“So the angle almost makes it look like you’re off, but sometimes you’re not, you’re still on the track. So it’s very tough and I think we can do ourselves a favor by adding a little gravel on the exit or whatever.”

“Like in Austria for example, why do we need track limits on a corner where there is naturally gravel and even if you go out you will penalize yourself if you go wide. And if you go there you damage the floor , so your car goes slower.”

Verstappen thinks it complicates everyone’s life: “They just make it super difficult for them. Of course people say ‘yes, stay inside the white line’ but that’s easier said than done. It’s so confusing .”

A system “not really up to par”

Discontent is mounting among the drivers on this subject, race after race, while many of them are victims of more or less unfair penalties. In Austria, Sergio Pérez was penalized in the qualifying game following his infringement, which unfairly prevented Pierre Gasly from joining Q3.

This Saturday in Hungary, Gasly also had a canceled round, while Pérez was demoted and then replaced. The Mexican thinks F1 should adopt a tool more suited to the problem: “I just think the system is not really up to scratch. We need to review it and see how we can move forward better to have a bit more consistency.”

As for Gasly, who did not understand after qualifying how his lap could have been canceled, he is also campaigning for a change in the way of controlling these limits: “100%. “We had some problems. Last time I was affected by these track limits in Austria I was 11th and Checo went off track on turn 8 he didn’t have his lap erased so I missed Q3 .”

“Now I missed Q2 because of the reverse. They say according to the CCTV I crossed the line, but we have to check because we know how poor the quality of the CCTV is. and we have to double check. For more consistency, the best would be to have a sensor in the car and have it everywhere.”

“At Turn 5, in all my years of racing, which is pretty much the last 10 years, I’ve never had track limits at that turn. And this year it’s an approach quite drastic. And that’s why I think we definitely need more precise tools to make sure it’s always fair.”

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