La vaccination contre la variole du singe a commencé à Clermont-Ferrand, seul site d

Health – Vaccination against monkey pox has started in Clermont-Ferrand, the only site in Auvergne

Vaccinations started a big week ago. The first dose against monkeypox was injected on July 21 at the Émile-Roux dispensary in Clermont-Ferrand.

It is here, in this only place in Auvergne, that preventive vaccinations take place. Symptomatic cases and contacts are sent to the infectious diseases department of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital.

In the region, we hear very little about this epidemic. However, Moulins, in the Allier, recorded its “first case”, reports Morgane Rude-Bache, doctor at the Émile-Roux dispensary.

“We also had suspicious cases in Clermont that we referred to the CHU. »

Morgane Rude Bache
(Doctor at the Emile-Roux dispensary)

So, in the Auvergne vaccination center, we want to be reassuring. “We respond to requests and we will put in place what is needed,” says Morgane Rude-Bache. The clinic carried out forty vaccinations this week and expects to increase the rates in the coming weeks.

Candidates for the vaccine are still few in number, but particularly informed. “Some follow care pathways” because of HIV status, for example.

Those who are on Prep – preventive treatment against HIV – have appointments every trimester and, very often, “doctors refer to vaccination against monkeypox”, explains Matthieu, employee at Aides.

“Target audiences”

Joseph waits in his chair before his vaccination. Behind his mask, he explains that he has friends from Lyon who “caught her”. “Isn’t that pretty to see?! “, he quips.

The symptoms are indeed particularly visible. “Generally, there is a general decrease in the patient’s state of health and serious skin manifestations,” explains Morgane Rude-Bache.

And the transmission is done by “close and prolonged reports”. This can be during sexual intercourse, but also in the event of lasting contact with damaged skin.

Nathan (name has been changed, editor’s note) came by itself. “I’ve read testimonials and I don’t want to get monkeypox, so I’m taking my precautions. »

Like Joseph, he is one of the so-called at-risk audiences. This includes men who have sex with men and multi-partner trans people as well as sex workers. But also the regulars of libertine clubs.

“But above all we have to think in terms of risky practices, rather than groups of people at risk”, insists Morgane Rude-Bache.

Play prevention

One of the means of fighting the epidemic remains the vaccine. But then, one, two or three doses?? The vaccination schedule varies according to each case. Those who have never been vaccinated against smallpox will have two doses, the others only one. With the exception of immunocompromised people who will receive three.

But the organization skates for LGBTQI + associations. “We were in Aurillac and we were talking with people who have to drive two hours to get vaccinated,” laments Matthieu, from Aides. “We would like more vaccination centers,” he continues. We sometimes have to call every day to watch for slots. »

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More than the vaccine, it is necessary to “limit the number of sexual partners and unprotected intercourse”, recalls Morgane Rude-Bache.

The Émile-Roux dispensary can be reached on for any appointment.

Johan Maviert

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