El Moustapha Hadji, fired by Fouzi Lekjaa: "I was called mentally ill and a crook" - Le Desk

El Moustapha Hadji, fired by Fouzi Lekjaa: “I was called mentally ill and a crook” – Le Desk

The former assistant coach of the Moroccan selection, El Moustapha Hadji, reveals to the Desk that he has just been thanked, brutally. A letter of dismissal for “serious misconduct” reached him. The opportunity for the figure of national football to return to the months of tension with Fouzi Lekjaa, but also his non-registration with AMO

After more than eight years of good and loyal service, the former figure of the Moroccan national team, El Moustapha Hadji, has just been kicked out of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF). In a letter signed by the secretary general of the Federation, Tarik Najem, this means to the former assistant coach of the national team, his dismissal for “serious misconduct”, “an immediate decision, without notice or compensation”, does he let the Desk.

The document dated July 29, of which The Desk holds copy invokes for motive, “an unjustified absence since July 18, 2022, i.e. for more than four days during a period of twelve months”, can we read. Contacted by us, the ex-international, icon of Moroccan football, confirms the information, adding: “They want to trap me, telling me that this is an abandonment of post. They want to fire me like a nobody”he says.

The dismissal letter for serious misconduct received by El Moustapha Hadji. Credit : The Desk

Hadji, who received in his absence the letter of his dismissal carried by bailiff on August 1 to his residence in Marrakech, also specifies that he sent a medical certificate to the authorities of the Federation, almost a week ago. ” I was admitted to the emergency room of Sheikh Zayed Hospital for sciatica. I immediately sent a medical certificate to justify my absence”, explains the interested party. ” I was supposed to go back to my job ten days ago, but I had this sciatica. I was put on sick leave for at least three weeks because I was stuck,” he continues.

El Moustapha Hadji, not declared to the CNSS by Lekjaa

At office, the former footballer also claims not to be declared to the Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO). ” I believe that the federation must not have paid attention to this letter containing the certificate, because I do not have health insurance. I have been in this situation for more than eight years”he says. “I’m only talking about it today, because they’re trying to trap me with this job abandonment. I am treated like a nobody, so I decided today to assert my rights but also health insurance.

A situation in which the former number 2 of the technical staff of the national team finds himself, which he explains in detail. “Since May 2018, my contract has come to an end. I have since worked without a contract, just a kind of CDD that allowed me to work from day to day”he complains, also recalling his non-registration on the shelves of the AMO, whose supervisory ministry is none other than Fouzi Lekjaa, boss of the FRMF and deputy minister in charge of the budget. His Majesty has nevertheless made it his priority”, he slips, addressing the issue of social protection, a project closely followed by the Sovereign and whose importance and priorities he recalled during his last address to the Nation on the occasion of the Throne Day.

“I have always paid for my wife’s and children’s medical expenses out of my own pocket. I got no refund.” raises Hadji.

Behind the dismissal, Instagram messages

At the origin of this sudden dismissal of El Moustapha Hadji, several months of tension between the ex-midfielder and the governing bodies of the federation. It all starts in March 2022, when the assistant coach is removed from the management of the team. The reason : ” messages sent on Instagram where I answered questions about Hakim Ziyech, Noussair Mazraoui and Abderrazak Hamed Allah. I was trying to mitigate the situation, explaining that it was not necessary to insult, to remain correct and to encourage the national team, even if these players were not present”, he explains.

“It’s also my role to stay in touch with the players in case the current or future coach wants them to come back”recalls Hadji. “Relying on what I could say, coach Vahid Halilhodžić felt that I did not have to say what I said. So I was pushed aside and asked to wait,” he says. Since then, the person concerned claims to have remained without news from the FRMF.

At the material time, as El Moustapha Hadji affirmed to the press, no dismissal had been notified to him. Radio silence on the part of the federation, until Jelloul Ainouch, administrative and financial director of the FRMF sent it, in June 2022, a transactional memorandum of understanding, to be signed between the two parties in order to find ” an amicable agreement, as Hadji points out.

The document in question, consulted by The Desk, points out in its preamble that ” Ihe parties have come together in order to conclude this memorandum of understanding, governed by articles 1098 and following of the DOC, in order to agree between them, in a definitive and irrevocable manner, on the waiver of any right or to any claim of any nature whatsoever to end or prevent any dispute and definitively extinguish any right or claim related to (i) the employment contract concluded between the parties on May 2, 2014 or its effects and/or (ii ) the early termination of said employment contract by mutual consent dated June 7, 2022 or the effects of said termination..

The transactional memorandum of understanding proposed to El Moustapha Hadji by the FRMF in June 2022. Credit: The Desk

The memorandum of understanding in question specifies that the FRMF will grant Hadji a lump sum termination indemnity equivalent to 1.42 million dirhams, within the framework of the early dissolution of the contract by mutual consent.

“The parties refrain from (i) contesting the validity of this settlement agreement before a court or any sports body (including FIFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport) or (ii) introducing any recourse before a court or a sporting body (including FIFA or the CAS) to request or claim the rights or claims which each party has waived in this memorandum of understanding, can we read from the document.

A proposed agreement which will be refused by Hadji. Pattern : “This does not suit my real rights relating to the eight years spent at the federation, a calculation must be redone”confided to us the African Player of the Year in 1998.

Hadji treated of “mentally ill and a crook”

After his refusal to ratify an agreement which he considers detrimental to his most basic rights, the man who was elected Legendary Player by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in 2011 will then turn to the president of the FRMF, Fouzi Lekjaa. Going to his office, the discussion will quickly end. ” It took five minutes. I was called mentally ill and a crook,” he lets us know.

“I can’t accept being treated like that, being told things like that, when I have always served my country”is indignant the figure of Moroccan football. “I’m just asking for my rights. If they don’t give them to me, I’ll go to the appropriate body to ask for them, either FIFA or the CAS.” concludes, determined, the former midfielder of the Morocco football team and Moroccan international from 1993 to 2002, with a record of twelve goals in 64 selections.

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