PSG: Mauricio Pochettino breaks the silence and returns to his departure from the Parisian bench

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After 18 months on the bench of Paris-Saint-Germain, marked by a coronation in Ligue 1 (2022) and in the Coupe de France (2021), as well as by disappointments in the Champions League, Mauricio Pochettino ended up being sacked on July 5 last.

Replaced in stride by Christophe Galtier, the Argentinian technician took his time before speaking about his departure from PSG and finally did so, in a long interview with infobae.

His current situation

“I’m calm, I accept the circumstances we had to go through. Everything ended quite late. We signed the termination of the contract a day before the start of the pre-season, between July 3 and 4, and it is clear that it is difficult at the moment because all the projects are closed, Now I am adapting to the new circumstances and I always have in mind to progress and above all to analyze everything that has happened over the last 18 months at Paris Saint-Germain and, as we always say, the experience must be used to progress, to evolve and I am sure that this experience is going to be very enriching for us and very useful for the future “.

His record at PSG

“I think it has been very positive. You always have to learn from experiences and learn from them. We are rational beings and we have to think like that. In sporting terms, we have won the Cup, the Supercup and the Championship in a year and a half, but it is clear that PSG’s project is to win the Champions League and anything less than this victory can always be considered a failure. In any case, it is a failure of fifty years, not just the last season, because PSG, especially in the last ten, eleven years, with the arrival of the new owners, has the objective of winning the Champions League and I think it will be achieved because that the resources are there, but sometimes in football it’s not as you think it can be, but there are factors that cannot be controlled, but by insisting year after year, PSG will surely be able to reach the dreams of winning a Champions League”.

The round of 16 of C1 lost against Real Madrid

“Well, you should put a psychologist in Chelsea, you should put a psychologist in Manchester City, you should put a psychologist in Liverpool and so, if we go back to the last European cups, you should put a psychologist in all the teams that have faced Real Madrid. I believe there are circumstances in football that happen and happen that cannot be controlled. I think Benzema’s foul on Donnarumma existed and if it had been reviewed by the VAR, today we would talk about something else, the elimination of Madrid, but it was a trigger that gave Real Madrid a lot of belief, a different energy on their pitch and logically we did a kind of mistake, but that’s football and that shouldn’t happen beyond what is a football analysis, it’s a game in which quite often the luck factor and obviously the emotional factor have an influence, but i don’t think that It’s a problem so obvious or detectable that it needs a section specialist, let’s say, psychological to work on it. I think these are football clichés that are easily used, but I would like to know the answer of the people who deal with this, because for as long as I can remember, with fifty years of age, I I hear a lot about the psychological aspect in football, but so far no one has found the solution and no one has given the guidelines to provide teams or collectives with resources or tools to be able to change it at some time. It’s a phenomenon that will continue to exist because many factors come into play. The game is a context of emotions, as we always say, and there will never be a solution or a key that can change at times where the needs demand it.”

Kylian Mbappe

“What I think is that PSG did everything they could to keep Kylian and I agree with that too. He is one of the best players in the world at the moment and I think that PSG, who have all the resources to do so, convinced him to stay. But I don’t think it was Kylian who designed the new project either. Those responsible, in this case the president, are those who will have thought that a new project at the club was the most opportune.”

Coach Lionel Messi

“Yes, it was a bit unthinkable. I thought it would be difficult for me to go to Barcelona and I thought he was going to finish his career at Barcelona and there will be very few coaches who will have the chance to train him. So it was a nice surprise and we can say now that we are working together and I have seen him up close. I have seen Maradona up close…”

The Icardi soap opera

“I think we’ve done very well as coaching staff in terms of management. In every team there are things happening and it’s much more visible because it’s happening at a club like PSG, where the spotlight of the world is there and everything was much bigger than it was. But I think we had, as a coaching team, the ability to manage in a calm and moderate way, where we’ve always put cold cloths where we had to put them, or kicked the table when we had to, but internally We know that there are individual or image interests that sometimes drive to say a lot of things that aren’t true, and we can’t fight that either. But we know full well what happened there and we leave with peace of mind knowing that we did our best .”


“I think he said that we talk a lot about him. He took it into account. For me, having Neymar at PSG is something important, but I don’t really know and it’s up to the club to decide whether he wants it or not.”

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