Testicle Pain: Causes and Treatments

Testicle Pain: Causes and Treatments

The testicles are part of organs breeders of man. They perform many functions, including production of the sperm. Furthermore, it may happen that the testicles are subject to pains. These can be linked to a trauma or a infection bacterial. It is therefore recommended to consult as soon as possible, so that the doctor can determine the cause of these pains and prescribe appropriate treatment. What to know about pains to testicles ?

Testicular pain: who is at risk?

The pains to testiclesrepresent one of the most frequent reasons for consultation among young men. Like young men, children and teenagers can also experience pains to testicles . Different reasons can explain the appearance of these pains.

Causes of testicular pain

The pains testicular can have various causes. Indeed, it can be:

  • From a trauma;
  • From spermatic colic;
  • From testicular torsion;
  • Orchi-epididymitis infection;
  • From a varicocele;
  • Of a swinging testicle;
  • From a hydrocele.

These painscan also be linked to neuropathy .

Spermatic colic

In men under the age of 30, the colic spermaticrepresents the main cause of pains to testicles . This results from a lack of sexual intercourse or an enormous sexual desire. The pain caused by colic spermaticare not permanent.

Orchi-epididymitis infection

The infection orchidepididymitisis a form of sexually transmitted infection (STI ). She is the origin of a orchitis(infection in a testicle).

The infection orchidepididymitis is manifested by pains at the level of one testicle: so they are unilateral . Moreover, the pains felt are acuteand pulsating . The painscaused by this type of infection can be confused with those caused by twist of testicle.

The infection orchidepididymitisis more common in adults. Moreover, in addition to pains testicularthis infection may manifest as a fever of the signs urinaryor some chills.

In general, the infection is caused by a germ urinary. It is the Escherichia Parcel . The infection spreads from the urethraat the epididymis. Outside of pains to testiclesan altered blood count allows the doctor to identify this disease.

Testicular torsion

It designates a twist from cord spermatic . It is the latter which is responsible for connecting one of the testiclesto the rest of tract genital . Indeed, the cord spermatic is made up of veins, arteries and nerves. The painsthat it engenders are therefore intense and brutal. When an individual suffers from a twist testicular it is exposed to rednessas well as to a enlargement of the affected testicle .

The loss of fertility of the affected testicle is the main complicationof this pathology. When this is not taken care of one hour after its appearance, the patient risks to lose her fertility. Also, late management (06 hours after the manifestation of the torsion) exposes the patient to a loss of testicle .

The support of the twist testicularmust be immediate . Very often, the doctor has no difficulty in recognizing the disease. Indeed, the testicle touched becomes twistedand hyper sore .

The twist testicular is very common in men under 30 and in children. It manifests itself when the testicle is not securely attached to the bottom of the stock Exchangeor in case of cord testicular too long .


Hydrocele corresponds to a effusion of liquidinside the stock Exchange . When a person suffers from this pathology, his stock Exchangefills with liquid. The latter comes from the vaginal . The vaginal is a tunicwhich wraps the testicles .

The production of liquid takes place between slipsof the vaginal . The elderly are particularly prone to hydrocele. Indeed, this is explained by the fact that between 50 and 60 years of age, the liquid produced by the vaginal is not evacuated as before. Hydrocele translates into pains testicular and discomfort.


The innervation of testicleis provided by a nerve. The latter takes shape in the middle of the lower back, more precisely towards the second lumbar vertebra L2. When this nerve is abused or pinched in its path, the patient may feel pains to level of the testicles. In this specific case, it is the nerve that suffers and not the testicles. However, it is often difficult to establish the link between the pain and its cause.

Swinging testicle

called again testicle elevator the testicle oscillatingis a phenomenon characterized by movements vertical from testicle. In other words, the latter goes up and down in the scrotum. The risk factors are the cold , emotionwhere the stress . The descent of testicle in the stock Exchange occurs intermittently.

The pains to testicles what causes the testicle oscillatingare also sporadic . They can occur during a effort physicalor a report sexual. The patient can observe the climb from testicle . He can bring it down by pressing it down. Very often the pains disappear as soon as testiclegoes back down in the scrotum . The support of testicle oscillating is essentially surgical. It consists of fixing the testicleinside the stock Exchange .


We are talking about varicocele when the veins of cord spermatic expand. This condition results in pains testicularand a heaviness in the stock Exchange . The volume of the stock Exchange may increase as the disease becomes more severe. The right side of testicles is less affected by this pathology than the left side.


A trauma or one shockmay be the cause of a hematoma scrotal . In the most violent cases, we can witness a fracture. Usually the cause is easily identifiable when it happens. A accident or one cut of foot to testiclescan trigger pains testicular .


the cancer of the testiclesis rarely the cause of pains testicular . The few times this happens, we note the presence of a mass visibleand perceptible to to touch .

Symptoms of testicular pain

Symptoms of pains testicular manifest differently. Indeed, the pains felt can be acuteWhere chronicles . When they are chronic, the doctor often has difficulty diagnosing them. The pain chronicles usually last more than three months. They can be sporadic or constant. The pains chronicleshave a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life. They are often caused by a varicocele . The painscan also be psychosomatic. In other words, they are passengers . Very often the pains psychosomatic disappear on their own.

Whatever the pains that the patient feels, they are usually localized at the level of the skin who envelope them testiclesor in the scrotum. These pains are associated with redness of the swellingsand the appearance of one small bump . In addition, the symptoms of the pathologies in question can help the doctor to make his diagnosis.

Furthermore, the diagnosis of pains to testiclesis very often symptomatic . In other words, it is based on the symptoms that the patient presents. Nevertheless, the doctor can carry out additional examinations, which will make it possible to confirm the diagnosis. To this end, he can make a ultrasoundor one balance sheet bacteriological.

Treatment of testicular pain

It is crucial to consult as soon as possible when you feel pains to testicles . Early treatment will prevent some complicationslike the loss of fertility . Although rare, testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. Its management is surgical and it is even possible to cure it.

When a twist testicularis the cause of pains to testicles it is preferable to act as soon as possible to avoid a necrosisof the organ, which leads to its removal. Using general anesthesia, the doctor makes an incision in the stock Exchange . This should be small. Once the incision is made, he will be able to untwist the testicle hit. A replacement of testicle by one prosthesisis also conceivable.

It is important to consult particularly when the pain is accompanied by:

  • Nausea;
  • Problems with urination;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Redness;
  • penile discharge;
  • Vomiting.

During the consultation, the doctor will be fixed on the treatment to be prescribed to the patient. In fact, he may recommend taking antibiotics, when a infection orchidepididymitisis suspected. He can also opt for a intervention surgicaldepending on the case.

Some actions to adopt in case of testicular pain

In case of appearance of pains testicular there are actions to adopt to relieve yourself a little.

First, it is advisable to apply a poached of ice on the painful area. This should be placed gently. This trick is very important, because it lengthens the life of the testicles, even in the absence of a blood supply. Furthermore, the poached of ice should be wrapped in a dry cloth to prevent frostbite. In the absence of ice packs, a poached of vegetables frozen can be used.

Additionally, you can lengthen on the backwhile waiting to receive adequate care at the hospital. This posture will provide appropriate support to testicles . You can also take a bath lukewarmWhere put a jockstrap .

Finally, it is recommended to avoid activities tiring and those that could amplify the painsare to be avoided. The best solution is to give yourself rest.

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