a wide and high quality sound served by a very beautiful design

a wide and high quality sound served by a very beautiful design

The German brand Loewe, which is currently making a comeback, has been manufacturing televisions for almost a century now and also offers audio products. One of the latest of these is a soundbar along with its wireless subwoofer. Top-of-the-range model, the Klang bar5 mr and sub5 combination represents the brand’s flagship product, embedding many features and compatibilities, with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, among others, as well as the possibility of streaming audio in multi-room mode. We were able to try it for a while.

Loewe Klang bar5 mr and sub5

Type: soundbar with wireless subwoofer
ON-mag’s opinion: blue Starblue Starblue Starblue Starblue Star (5/5)
Price at the time of the test: 1599 €
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The design of the Loewe soundbar is particularly sleek. The bar has a definitively rectangular shape with a small tag at one end bearing the brand’s logo. This is also the case on the televisions marketed by Loewe, symbolizing the high-end character of the products, if it were necessary to underline it. The Loewe Klang bar5 mr bar is very imposing. It’s one of the bulkiest soundbars with that of Sennheiser, the Ambeo, the Sony HT-A7000 or the recent Samsung HW-Q990B. It measures 120 cm wide, matching perfectly with a 65 inch TV or more. It is 7.1 cm high, which is important and can interfere with the infrared receiver of certain televisions whose foot is not high enough. Finally, count 16 cm deep.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 01

The top of the bar is made of a perforated aluminum plate concealing the upward-firing speakers for ceiling effects. The front and sides are covered in a dark gray acoustically transparent fabric, matching the rest of the device. This gives the design a certain class, even a luxurious side that Loewe likes to sport.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 04

On the top, five identical buttons allow you to turn on the sound bar, select the source, pause or restart a played audio title, lower the volume and increase it. A screen is present on the front, large enough to be perfectly visible in the dark but not very long since it only displays five scrolling characters. Only the standby/ignition button benefits from backlighting, the color of which varies according to the source being listened to.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 02

On the back of the soundbar, there are connectors including a 3.5 mm jack auxiliary audio input, a USB port to play music directly from a USB key, for example, an HDMI eARC socket, two inputs HDMI and a digital audio optical input. The power cord plugs in close to the other connectors. Note that the soundbar supports the passage of Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10+ signals via its HDMI sockets. For wireless connections, you can rely on Bluetooth and WiFi. We are therefore entitled to a very complete set of connectors, which is a good thing since the user can thus choose what suits him best according to his installation.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 08

The soundbar is AirPlay 2, Chromecast and DTS Play-Fi compatible, allowing it to multiroom with other devices on the same network in other rooms.
At the back, it has buttons that allow it to be associated via Bluetooth or the WiFi network. It can also be synchronized with a subwoofer and surround speakers. For the latter, depending on the equipment you have, sliders allow you to choose between “large” and “small” modes, depending on their respective size. You can hide all these buttons with a plastic cover provided for this purpose for more sobriety.

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The Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar comes with a subwoofer. With an original circular shape, it measures 38 cm in diameter and 21.4 cm high and diffuses sound over 360 degrees. The top is perfectly flat while the circumference is covered in the same acoustically transparent fabric as the front of the soundbar. Simply plug the box into an electrical outlet for synchronization with the bar to be automatic and immediate. A small rotary knob at the back allows you to modulate the level of the subwoofer, but the median level is suitable in the vast majority of cases.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 11

There is no application dedicated to the Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar, but it can however be interfaced with the Play-Fi application available for mobiles under Android or iOS. The configuration is not necessarily the easiest and we had to do it several times before establishing a solid connection between the smartphone and the soundbar which, then, can be easily controlled.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 21

The Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar and the sub5 come with a fairly flat remote control with a non-slip rubber coating on the underside. We took a little while to find the location to insert the batteries… Finally, you just have to slide the upper part in the opposite direction to the lower part, taking the remote control sandwiched between your two hands. Once the batteries are in place, we immediately regret that the remote control is not backlit, especially since all its keys look the same, which makes their use particularly difficult in the dark. Only the button used to pause or restart playback is made of soft rubber while the others are hard. The remote control allows you to control all the functions of the bar, including certain settings such as bass or treble. A night listening mode is offered as well as a surround mode to achieve a wider soundstage.

Loewe klang bar5mr sub5 details on 20

Listening: excellent tonal balance and ample sound

The Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar uses a 5.0.2 configuration, which means there is one channel left, one center, one right, one at each end and two additional channels directed upwards for the ceiling effects for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats. With the sub5, this makes a configuration in 5.1.2 with the .1 for the subwoofer, the latter being able to find a place of choice near the bar. The bar displays a power of 440 watts RMS which is a lot while the box is not to be outdone with its 360 watts RMS.

We would have liked to be able to trigger a calibration process but there is nothing of that kind here. It’s a bit of a shame because beyond a possible optimization of the audio rendering, it’s always more reassuring to have this type of functionality. Indeed, we are far from all having expert ears. It is therefore necessary here to rely on the settings provided by the manufacturer. But believe us, it does it very well. Indeed, from the first moments, one is as if transported by the sound produced by the bar-box assembly. The latter is indeed very effective in creating large spaces and easily filling the room, whether small in size up to several tens of square meters. The harmonization between the bar and the box is perfect. The latter actually triggers with the most precise timing to help the bar where it cannot go.

For purely audio listening, the “Stereo” mode works very well, with a particularly precise sound while being punchy when necessary. We really appreciate the tonal balance delivered by the whole. With the “Panorama” mode, the scene is seriously widened and the “Surround” mode is the most enveloping, allowing to enjoy a sound that is fuller, more spaced out and with some attempts at quite coherent height effects. The dialogues are then a little more muffled than when listening purely in stereo, but this allows for more depth in general.

In summary

The Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar and its sub5 subwoofer are aimed at people who are particularly concerned about the design of their devices and who want to enjoy balanced, ample sound that is powerful enough to fill a medium or even large living room. We appreciate its wide connectivity as well as the multiroom functions. We also like the possibility of upgrading the system with rear speakers from the Klang range to obtain an even more immersive rendering. It’s a pity that the remote control isn’t more ergonomic and that the initial configuration isn’t more “plug’n play”, but as far as sound performance is concerned, it’s very good.

The Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar and the sub5 subwoofer by ON-mag

Official photos of the Loewe Klang bar5 mr soundbar and sub5 subwoofer



  • Type: 5.1.2 soundbar
  • Speakers: 7x full range, 2x woofers, 2x beam tweeters
  • Total power: 800 watts
  • Decoding: Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS HD HiRes Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS ES, DTS:X, LPCM
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI eARC, 2x HDMI 2.1, optical digital audio input, 3.5 mm jack auxiliary analog audio input, USB
  • Standby power consumption: 0.5W
  • Bar dimensions (wxdxh): 1200 x 160 x 71 mm
  • Bar weight: 6.5 kg
  • Box dimensions (wxdxh): 380 x 380 x 214 mm
  • Bar weight: 8.8 kg
  • Price : 1599 €
  • Manufacturer’s website: Loewe

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