On an ejection seat, Ricciardo reaffirms his love of F1

On an ejection seat, Ricciardo reaffirms his love of F1

Contractually speaking, Daniel Ricciardo’s situation is more fragile than ever: behind the Piastri-Alpine imbroglio, we understand that the Honey Badger is no longer in the odor of sanctity in Woking, and that Zak Brown would like to replace an Australian by another…

It must be said that sportingly speaking, Daniel Ricciardo has done nothing to fix his situation lately, especially at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

On the Hungaroring, in the race, Daniel Ricciardo finished 15th, far from Lando Norris, very far, too far; and also collected a 5-second penalty for a collision with Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin F1.

Can the summer break change anything in the negative dynamics on the side of the former (and future?) Enstone driver?

“I’m so happy to have a break” says Daniel Ricciardo to begin with.

“I need it all the more because these six months have not been very good. It wasn’t the six months I wanted. »

“But even if the season was going well, a break is always nice, just to get away from it all. F1 these days is intense. Even the hotels are full of people and these weekends are so busy that getting away from the circus for a few weeks will be really nice. »

What will Daniel Ricciardo do to recharge his batteries? His schedule will apparently be split between the UK (near the McLaren factory) and the US, where he has a residence.

“To be honest, changing places for a while allows me to naturally reset myself, so much so that I imagine that after ten days or two weeks of vacation, I will have somehow evacuated the impression of having gone on vacation, then I will find this hunger again. »

“I don’t think about it naturally after taking time off. That’s normally how it works for me. Again, I’m going out, I’m with my friends, I drink a few beers, I have fun. And then I get to a point where I start to feel, not guilty, but just like “okay, it’s time to start over”. Then it’s a kind of natural switch that goes back on, probably after 14 days. »

A strong desire to stay in F1

Daniel’s steering wheel for next year is therefore oh so threatened, but even before the start of the crazy Piastri-Alpine affair, the McLaren driver confirmed his desire to stay in F1. A clue for the future and one more legal puzzle to come…

“I love this sport more than anything. »

“This sport is one of those where you are only as good as your last race. In a way, if you don’t win, there’s always something to prove, whether it’s to the fans, to the supporters or to yourself. I think the most important thing is first and foremost to myself. »

“That’s why I keep doing it. Because I still believe that I can do it and do it at the highest level. So, I always try to prove it for myself. »

Daniel Ricciardo, however, is he not too demoralized by his fall in pure performance for two years, especially against Lando Norris?

“You absolutely can still find happiness. And, of course, this sport, probably more than most, is a sport, I’ve talked about it before, where the win ratio is so low, the percentage is so low, unlike a team sport, it’s probably 50 percent. »

“So you have to deal with it and understand that you won’t win every weekend, but that you can always set other goals and find other ways to be happy and to flourish. »

“There is nothing better than winning, but there are certainly other ways to achieve it. So I’m still going through this period and I’m enjoying it. »

“Of course, it’s a sport that can be emotional, with emotions in the highlights, frustration and things like that. But I still love him more than anything. »

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