Perez still dreams of becoming world champion against Verstappen

Perez still dreams of becoming world champion against Verstappen

Sergio Perez hasn’t given up on his ultimate dream of one day becoming Formula 1 world champion!

One thing is certain, he is in the right team, Red Bull Racing, to achieve this. The only “concern” for the Mexican is that he has to beat Max Verstappen, in addition to the other 9 teams. Something he has achieved a few times since arriving in Milton Keynes but not most of the time.

In any case, he has confidence in himself to achieve this.

“Absolutely! If everything goes well and I drive perfectly, I can beat anyone in Formula 1.”

“Max too, I’ve shown him several times this season. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do it all the time. Max has incredible quality, he is extremely cool for his age and has a very good feeling with the car. That’s why the question isn’t whether I can beat him over a weekend, but how many races I can finish ahead of him. It’s about consistency. That’s what sets a champion of someone who wants to be one.”

Does he then have this constancy in him?

“Yes! My experience helps me with that. I’ve seen almost everything in Formula 1. Add to that the hard work with the team and the energy I put into bodybuilding, among other things. I’m in great shape. These things give me a lot of self-confidence. That’s why I have no doubt that I can become a champion.”

Is this only possible with Red Bull?

“I’m part of the best team in the world. The amount of knowledge and talent gathered here is incredible. With Max, I have a world-class driver as a teammate. We get on well and work together to make Red successful Bull, but of course we are also competitors. Everyone wants to be the best. We keep pushing each other to the next level. Beating Max is a big challenge.”

Perez is having his best season in Formula 1 so far, but he is only 3rd in the championship. The Mexican is bouncing back again on these latest developments which have taken him away from the good performance window of the RB18, which Christian Horner has also recognized.

“I feel very good in the car, but it’s not perfect. At the start of the season I had the speed. Now that we have developed the car, it no longer suits my style 100%. I have to adapt because it currently suits Max and his style better. That’s why I have to get used to it as soon as possible and hope that we will go more in the direction that we had at the beginning of the season. Then I can really attack again.”

“I can’t even imagine what it must be like to celebrate a title. That’s exactly what drives me. If I wasn’t in such a prestigious car, I probably wouldn’t be in this sport anymore.”

However, he will not have many opportunities to beat his team. If we consider that it is already over for him, he will have 2 years left. Maybe more ?

“Yes, I still have a contract until 2024, but I can’t imagine that I will end my career then. I’m too young for that and I’m still having too much fun. Even if this Sport takes a lot of time. But that’s how it is, Formula 1 is your life. And you can’t leave it like that behind you.”

“Still, it won’t be difficult for me in the end to say stop. The best moments of my life have nothing to do with racing. For example, the birth of my children. But even simple things mean a lot to me. If I can get myself a good taco in Mexico for 20 pesos (1 euro) and spend time with my family, those are times you don’t experience in Formula 1.”

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