My clients only want to do business with me!  - Eco Life

My clients only want to do business with me! – Eco Life

I have excellent relationships with my clients but I admit that sometimes I would like my team to take over. Except that my clients only want to deal with me (in fact we have always established very good relations) and know very little about certain members of my team who are otherwise very competent. As a result, I have very long days…and never enough time to complete my files.

What do you recommend ?


The customer must remain at the heart of any strategy, thoughts or activities of a company, and you are right to cultivate this quality proximity. But if it comes at the expense of other activities and you have employees capable of doing it, then it’s a great opportunity for you, your teams, your customers and your company!

Thanks and because of you

When you are a manager, you struggle from morning to night so that our mission succeeds. And, of course, priority is given to CUSTOMERS, those whom we have to convince, with whom we have to negotiate, maintain contact, etc. and meanwhile, we just don’t have enough to do other things like thinking about strategy (i.e. thinking about “tomorrow” rather than living in the present), analyzing “bugs” to improve the quality of what we deliver, update our skills and…. make our team GROW!

Many managers believe that the more indispensable they are, the more one eye (and even two) they will have on EVERYTHING that is going on and the more effective “boss” they will be. Well no! Certainly we are responsible for the quality of the products/services delivered to the customer, but we are also (and above all) responsible that it is our team that is the reason!

Also, congratulations for having succeeded in building relationships of trust with your customers, but mega GIGA BRAVO when your employees do the same!

Grow your team to grow your business

You have a maximum of 10 hours on your “working time” account each day. To what activities do you dedicate these hours? If you spend more than 40% of this time on tasks that your employees should do because they are simply listed in their job description, then you are not cultivating good proximity with your customers, you are losing to your company your skills and what they could deliver.

So, you must learn to cultivate your INDISPENSABILITY! To be able to dedicate your time to activities that really correspond to your job description and which will ensure lasting progress in your department. And this will require patience, motivation and optimal time management! Because, at the beginning, you will have to:

– Train your team: because there is no question of sending an employee into the field so that he “loses face” or fails, on the contrary, you must train him so that he obtains success, that he be proud of themselves and thus fuel their self-confidence and their desire to continue on this path

– Continue to ensure customer proximity.

– And above all accept the inevitable mistakes that will be made by your employees, at least at the beginning of their apprenticeship and consider them as an opportunity for progress.

You have a great asset: you know all your clients very well, so you will know which project to assign to which employee based on their profile, skills and attitude.

Start by introducing this collaborator to this client during a meeting, remember that it is he who is working on his file “in the back office” (and therefore that he knows his context perfectly), let him speak as much as possible during of this meeting, do not contradict him (even if he says something stupid) and little by little, let him do his JOB!

You will see that some of your collaborators will surprise you with their finally “activated” skills.

Artisan of your team’s success

Once your team has been formed, the first customer contacts have been established, your customers will understand that it will be much more convenient for them to contact the project manager directly than you.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll disappear from their “map”! You will maintain contact, always valuing the work done by your team, never dissociating yourself from them (especially in the event of an error), and above all, letting them present THE good idea, THE good result (and not YOU). Thus, you will have done your job as a manager: grow your team and, finally, you dedicate to your activities (such as getting new deals)!

And you will have accepted to be the craftsman in the SHADOW of the success of your team and will be able to give a good boost to your growth.

Lee Iacocca, considered one of the greatest leaders in automotive history, in particular by relaunching Ford with the famous Mustang (and this by creating a reflection committee with his team), said: The speed of the boss is that of the team !

Up to you !

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