Le blanc de Meudon est une poudre blanche constituée de particules de carbonate de calcium, le composant de la craie. © RHJ, Adobe Stock

Blanc de Meudon: 4 uses for your home

If we are familiar with white vinegar, baking soda or black soap and their properties, there is one of the natural household products that is less talked about: Meudon white. It is however a multi-purpose product, cheap (from 5 to 10 € per kilo on average) and without danger, which you can also integrate into your daily life!

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Blanc de Meudon comes in the form of a whitish powder. It is sometimes mistakenly called “Spanish white”. The latter is, in fact, differently constituted with a base ofclay and used by glaziers as a putty to make joints. Its use therefore differs from the multiple uses of Meudon white!

What is Meudon white?

As its name suggests, the white of Meudon comes from the city of the same name, in the Paris region. It housed quarries of chalk whose main activity, consisting in the removal of organic matter, nitrogenous matter, etc.
There are different families like:

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Blanc de Meudon is made up of particles of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), the component of the chalk. Besides its apps domestic, the white powder is also used in pharmacology, cosmetics and known as of additive E170 in the food industry. In its medical function, carbonate of calcium is prescribed for calcium supplementation. In cosmetics, it is found in foundations and eyeshadows. The E170 additive is used in the composition of chewing gum, industrial cakes or infant formulas.

How to use Blanc de Meudon on a daily basis?

To clean many objects

Mixed with a little water, the Blanc de Meudon takes the form of a white paste which becomes a ecological cleaning product and efficient. You can apply it on a multitude of supports, whether stainless steel, General
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Symbol: AgAtomic number: 47Electrons per energy level: 2, 8, 18, 18, 1Atomic mass: 107.87Most stable isotopes: 107Ag stable with…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura- sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/7/e/0/7e05c692d4_74193_silverccwiki.jpg” data-url=”https://news.google.com/sciences/definitions/chemistry-silver-14862/” data-more= “Read more”>silver, brassglass, stainless steelbut also in earthenware, plastic Where marble. Your objects, cutlery, glass or even your ceramic hob or induction, will regain their shine and will be cleaned and degreased without any trace of scratches being produced. All you have to do is remove the excess paste with a clean microfiber cloth. It can also be applied on the joints of floor tile stained over time to whiten them.

The paste based on Blanc de Meudon can also be combined with White vinegar for greater action on stubborn traces.

To shine mirrors and windows

The dilution of 100 grams of white Meudon in a basin of boiling water with 100 grams of shavings of Marseille’s soap forms an effective preparation to shine the mirrors and the windows of the house. Let it cool for a moment, then apply with a clean cloth and rinse with a microfiber cloth. The result is amazing!

For everyday scrubbing

For a product to keep on hand every day, do not hesitate to make a scouring stone, also called “white stone” or ” clay stone “. To do this, you will need to mix: 2 doses of Blanc de Meudon, 1 dose of baking soda1 dose of black soap liquiddrops ofessential oil of lemon. Condition the dough obtained in a jar, let it dry for about 24 hours before closing. To use, dampen a sponge and rub it over the scouring stone before applying to the surface to be cleaned.

To create an ecological decoration

What if Meudon white was diverted from its cleansing functions? You can use it for:

  • draw decorations Christmas on your windows by making a liquid paste with water and using it as white paint;
  • make a gesso to refine the grain of a canvas paint or cover a canvas linen ;
  • make a whitewash.

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