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Should you change a wet bathing suit at the beach or in a swimming pool?

Should you change a wet bathing suit at the beach or in a swimming pool? Yes of course. Imagine a hot summer day spent on the sandy beach, on the river or in the swimming pool. You get into the water and after, say, half an hour of swimming, you think you need to dry off in the sun.

You intend to sunbathe again in a wet bathing suit

But wet swimsuits can cause irreparable damage:

First of all, a wet bathing suit can cause a vaginal yeast infection (candidiasis). This is the most common fungal infection in the fair sex, which almost all women face. Infection only occurs with pH disorders. This can happen, for example, if the bacteria that normally control yeast populations cannot function properly.

Vaginal infection will cause various problems: itching, burning, discharge, odor

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Protect yourself from candidiasis in the swimming pool

What’s the risk ?

The risk of “catching” the disease is even greater if the woman or girl does not change her wet bathing suit with clean, dry underwear. Prolonged wearing of a wet swimsuit can significantly increase the risk of infection. But at the same time, he himself is more often a provoking factor, and not a source of infection. If you’re wondering if a wet bathing suit can directly cause a yeast infection, the answer is a definite no. But it can increase the risks. And it all depends on how long you spend there. Thus, Candida can thrive in a stagnant, humid and hot environment.

This is exactly the mood that is created inside your wet swimsuit

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chlorinated water

Danger awaits women who visit swimming pools filled with chlorinated water. Despite the fact that it is able to disinfect water and prevent the harmful effects of various diseases, it also involves a certain danger. This will cause formation problems, if you do not remove your wet swimsuit immediately after bathing. It’s also a good idea to wash your swimsuit thoroughly after using it. In general, staying in chlorinated water is extremely harmful for women.

At the same time, swimming itself causes infection

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Skin rash

A wet bathing suit can cause a painful rash. Within three to four minutes of leaving the water, dermatophytes begin to multiply in the fibers of a wet bathing suit. The most active process takes place in the folds of the skin and on the surface of the thighs. With such a problem, severe redness of the skin is observed.

After all, chlorine changes the pH level of the vaginal mucosa, “eliminates” useful bacteria, which are quickly replaced by conditionally pathogenic bacteria, causing the development of various infections. Finally, a wet bathing suit can cause hypothermia in your body. Even under the hot sun. Contact of moist tissue with the inguinal region can cool the genitourinary system.

This will lead to an exacerbation of cystitis

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Other Precautions

We must bear in mind that to protect ourselves not only from fungal infections, but also from all other unpleasant summer infections, the following factors are essential:

The cleanliness of the pool water

  • Check if the water quality is monitored and verified, if proper and systematic cleaning is provided
  • Are there any signs for entry after shower. The latter is essential for the purity of the water and the full effect of the preparations that protect you from infections and fungi. Sweat, sebum, i.e. using the pool before taking a shower, greatly reduces the effect of special preparations for maintaining pool water, which creates a risk of infections fungal.
  • When asking how to protect yourself in the pool, you should keep in mind that using other people’s slippers, walking barefoot on the ground around the pool is an easy way to catch pathogens.

Walk to the pool itself with your slippers

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