Standard provides the essentials against Cercle and wins its first victory of the season (2-0)

Standard provides the essentials against Cercle and wins its first victory of the season (2-0)

A beginning of physical meeting

The 22 actors clashed under a blazing sun at the start of the afternoon. The start of the game was choppy, marked by numerous faults and stoppages. The Rouches put their foot on the ball, trying to get out cleanly against the high pressing of the Bruges. The Cercle players were cornered in their own half of the field, preferring to bet on long balls as usual.

Standard opens the scoring on penalty

Standard obtained several stopped phases during the start of the match, without managing to be dangerous. Until half an hour into the game: on a corner, Raskin finds Dusenne directly in front of the rectangle. The defender tries his luck, but the ball is stopped by a loose hand from Denkey. Penalty for the Rouches! Selim Amallahtakes the ball and transforms the penalty by shooting to the right of Majecki (1-0, 31st).

This goal somewhat freed the people of Liège, and the match gained in interest. Dønnum (35′) and Dragus (42′) got themselves interesting situations against Majecki on counter-attacks, but they both missed narrowly. In the 44th minute, the Circle, weak offensively during this first period, narrowly missed the equalizer. Torres addresses a center in the rectangle, superbly cushioned from the chest by Somers. The ball arrives at the feet of Denkeyin front of Bodart. The attacker strikes, but the red doorman intervenes perfectly.

Second penalty for the Rouches

As we headed back to the locker room, Mr Lambrechts was called by the VAR for a slight collision by Da Silva on Dønnum in the rectangle. The referee then designates a second time the penalty point for the Rouches! Selim Amallah does not tremble for his second duel against Majecki, and deceives the goalkeeper by shooting again on the right side (2-0, 45th + 4).

Amallah took all three penalties he got this season on the right side; all three were converted. ©PhotoNews

At the break, the Rouches led from two goals to nil thanks to these two penalties. Deila’s men were able to resist the physical game of the Bruges. The Cercle was not convincing in this first act, with the only dangerous action being Donkey’s strike.

A second half with few chances

Upon returning from the locker room, the game became messy and choppy again. The Cercle struggled to be dangerous and did not offer much in the game. The second period was generally uninteresting, with Standard who contented themselves with keeping the score. Dragus tries his luck with a curl shortly after the hour mark, but he fails to really worry Majecki (64th).

In the 76th, Raskin launches perfectly Boljevic, alone on the right flank. While he has the possibility of centering towards Ohio, alone in the axis, Boljevic prefers to try his luck with a powerful strike and shoots the doorman of the Circle. A great missed opportunity for the people of Liège, who could have taken shelter for good.

  Boljevic got the only real interesting chance in the second half.
Boljevic got the only real interesting chance in the second half. ©BELGA

There will be nothing more to report at the end of the particularly dull second half. Standard wins with a score of 2 goals to nil, and wins its first match of the season. The Rouches did not deliver an exceptional performance, but provided the essentials without shaking. The Circle did not show anything interesting during these 90 minutes. Standard rises temporarily to seventh place, Cercle is fifteenth on its side. Next week, the Liégeois will travel to Westerlo to try to win the second victory of the Deila era.


Standard: Bodart, Laursen, Laifis, Dussenne, Dewaele, Cimirot, Raskin, Amallah, Donnum, Dragus, Emond

Circle: Majecki, Decostere, Daland, Popovic, Torres, Lopes Da Silva, Van der Bruggen, Hotic, Deman, Somers, Denkey



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